TTS Retreads innovative tyre saves money for local authorities’ kerb side recycling collections

The tyre which is in fact a recycled tyre itself is fitted with a kerbing band which reduces sidewall damage, therefore increasing tyre mileage thus reducing replacement tyre costs.The largest cost to operators in this application is premature tyre removal due to excessive sidewall damage cause by the tyres continuous contact with kerb stones in residential areas.




Alistair Dawes of Barry Shaddick Tyres Ltd says the 245/70R17.5 TTS KZT KB has revolutionised drive axle fitment in the kerb side recycling collection sector for local authorities. The remoulded tyre that is in fact a recycled tyre itself is fitted to vehicles operating at two local authorities in the Bristol and surrounding unitary authorities.

Tyre cost savings are a major factor when recommending a brand to our customers. The TTS brand has proved to be an important contribution to reducing customers tyre costs says Alistair who has been employed in the tyre industry for thirty years, working for Barry Shaddick Tyres for the last six years and previously with Goodyear Dunlop Tyres.