BKP Waste and Recycling Ltd. TUFF+

Re: Tuff+ 295/80 22.5 Tyre.


I just thought I would write to express how impressed I have been with your Tuff+ tyre product, which we are fitting across are Fleet to our drive axle.

Our Fleet mainly consists of Volvo FH, FM, FE and Fl.

We at BKP have tried over the years various types of tyres, tyre compound and tread patterns etc, and finally we have found a tyre that suits are requirements.

The TTS Tuff+

We at BKP have found these tyres tough and ply able off road while also being very conducive and durable for road use, and the tyres also have the added benefit of having a curbing band.

I cannot recommend these tyre enough to an Operator who has an off road/ on road application requirement.


Martin Buckley

Transport Manager

Web: www.bkpgroup.com